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Distribution date : 05-30-2017 (Ver 1.2)

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Then either visit our author&artist-only Facebook group (Facebook link) and request the page administrator for an user authority via Facebook private message OR email support@comixv.com for authorization.

  By doing so, you will have access to test out the following instruction process including uploads and final 360 image testing.


SECTION 1 : VR Comic Production

1. Basic understanding of the 360 Image

360 image uses 3 perspectives instead of the well-known 1 or 2 point perspective.

제목 없음-1.jpg
[Image] 1-3 point perspective grid
It can be understood that a user views an illustration drawn on the inner surface of a large sphere. Whereas in the case of a creator, it is like drawing inside the sphere based on a spherical grid.

[Image] 360 Sphere and Sphere’s Exploded View
However, a spherical exploded view does not exist in mathematical surfaces. It’s even hard to find a substitute because drawing on an extremely close and distorted surface grid is uncomfortable in the first place.

A well-known example is the panoramic picture. which has two forms. One is in an panoramic image, where a spherical image is unfolded into individual four surfaces. Another form is a cubical image, where a cube replaces the sphere and the image is drawn on a cube with a 360 perspective.
ComixV is working on the system that automatically converts an uploaded panoramic image into a cubical image.

[Image] Panoramic Image
[Image] Cube-shaped image

2. 360 degrees image tools preferences for creating images

  • For 360 image creation, install Photoshop and flexify filter for Photoshop.
  1. How to install on Windows
    -Unzip the attached flexify-win-latest.zip file, copy and paste the folder into C: / Program Files / Adobe / Adobe Photoshop / plug-ins folder

    flexify download
  2. How to install on MAC
    – Install the attached flexify-mac-latest.dmg in the Applications / Adobe Photoshop / plug-ins folder
  3. How to check if your common installation is working properly
    – After the installation, run Photoshop, go to Filter > Flaming Pear > Flexify 2 (check if this is added).


3. How to draw a 360 image of ComixV

  • ComixV’s default size dimensions are 5000×2500 for panoramic type and 4096×3072 for cube type. The cube’s individual sides are 1024 * 1024 in size.
  • It is recommended to use a cube type, which is easier to transfer the contents with less distortions than the panorama type, and the unfolded cube diagram is the following. The surfaces have to be in this specific position.
[Image] Cube diagram and position of each surface.
  • I tried to draw the distance according to the perspective view drawn on the cube’s exploded view.
[Image] Image drawn with perspective view on cube diagram
  • The wireframe of the blue building and the car indicates how a connected surface distorts in this format.
    – The tree for example, shows that distancing an identical number of spaces in individual surfaces of the cube makes the distorted image look connected using the flexify filter in panorama type.
    • Filter > Flaming Pear > Flexify

[Image] Flexify filter
  • Input is set to “horizontal cross”, output is set to “equirectangular”
    [Image] Flexify filter settings window

    (Tip : If the layer is transparent and hardly visible, uncheck the “Trasnsparents gaps”)

  • After modifying detailed values such as latitude and longitude, press OK to convert to panorama image. Then check whether the picture is drawn so that each side is connected properly.
[Image] Cubical image converted to panorama
  • When you apply the panoramic grid to the converted panoramic image, you can see the following.
[Image] Panoramic grid applied to image
  • Additional tip : you can print out a cube diagram and roughly try it out yourself.
[Image] Cube that was cut and folded using a cube diagram

Section 2 : VR Comic Upload / Submission

3. Upload and check the panoramic image on ComixV

1) Go to http://comixv.com/register and register.


2) Login and click “Create VR webtoon” button
* Register to this page and tell us (via Facebook or support@comixv.com) your ID and a simple description that indicates your status as an amateur or a professional. Then receive a “author authority” from us by signing up for one, and then test out our services. Testing your work is regardless to releasing it as an official work. Feel free to sign up!cap_02.PNG

3) Click “Add new Artwork”


4) Select 360 images created with “파일 선택”(select file) after selecting images. Fill the Title, and tag 1, 2, 3, if you want.


5) Click and Check your VR artwork. If you want to share your artwork, you have to change modify.


6) Click the Modified box, and check this button. If you checked up, fix the button. You can see your artwork’s to exposure.


7) If you click the cardboard image below, the image divides into two images and can be seen with cardboard which is a simple VR HMD.

* In the case of gear VR, the Oculus app will not run if you plug the USB port. It’s available in cardboard format.

* For Daydream, if you turn off NFC on your phone, the Daydream app will not launch. It’s available in cardboard format.

8) If you want to share your VR artwork gallery,

cap_08.PNGclick the Public Gallery and share this link.


4. Final work file format when submitting it to ComixV

1) Image files in panorama format
– Size: jpg file with 2: 1 aspect ratio (5000×2500 or 4096×2048)

– Type: Panoramic (we’re planning to provide cube types in the future)

– File name format: single digit scene number
ex) First scene image file name : 1.jpg

2) Music or effect sound
– Format : mp3 or mp4

– File name format : Playback format – Starting scene number – Ending scene number
(*Playback format i: Infinite repeat, o: Repeat once)
ex) Background music from the scene 1 to the scene 4 : i-1-4.mp3
Sound effect for the fifth scene : o-5.mp3

-When one scene includes of multiple sound files with the identical file names:
INCLUDE “-(number)” and indicate the first track as 1.
ex) To include multiple sound effects 1,2,3 from scene 1 to scene 3:

* In the first page, please do not insert sound, but instead make an intro page. There’s a bug on the android app where the audio does not play in the first page.

3) Adding the ending page
– Add an ending page to advise your readers that the episode has finished. That’s because in 360 comics, the readers tend to get confused when the episode has ended.
– If you have received production support from ComixV, it is crucial to insert [Production support: ComixV] on the last page.

4) All image files for per episode AND sound effects saved all into one folder, and compressed in .zip format.

– Soon we will provide the service where you can individually upload your work.