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Q&A : Jiwon Kang agentp@comixv.com
Distribution date : 06-22-2017 (Ver 1)

1. Summary

1) What is SketchUp?

A 3D production tool used by webtoon artists as a general purpose for background production and offer a Paid / free 3D library.

2) What is toon effect?

To create a more convenient background, it is an effect that you can make an image that is easy to color in the shape of outline like 2D picture, not 3D.

3) Why toon effect with V-ray?

The toon effect itself can be applied in the style window without a separate plug-in even within the sketch-up, not the V-ray. However, since it uses V-ray for 360 degrees image production, it is described on the basis of V-ray.

2. How to apply toon effect through V-ray

1. Import SketchUp model.
* Since the 360 image is an all-view image that shows up, down, left, right, front, and back, be sure to use models that have completed modeling to the ceiling for indoor images.

2. Run V-Ray.