D-Day : ComixV VR Webtoon App Release Open Exhibition

The ComixV VR Webtoon App open interactive exhibition has taken place in the Bucheon International Comics Festival. Both ComixV and BICOF has had a successful opening. At the ComixV exhibit, many audiences experienced the comics in a virtual space and also lively shared their experiences to one another.


The Bucheon International Comics Festival has chosen ‘youth’ as their 20th anniversary’s topic, and is holding an exhibition from 7/19~7/23 with various contents including comics and webtoons.

At the 2017 BICOF, ComixV has utilized the webtoons that attract the young adults in its premiere of the VR Webtoon platform service. The exhibit provides 40 smartphones and other smart devices—4 laptops and 4 PC tablets—to try out the VR experience. Despite the new platform, the easy usage, user-friendly, and easy accessibility for all age and genders brings entertainment and reality to the next level.


“Can we read webtoons like this now?”

“This is fun”

“It’s cool”


Clearly many people are enjoying the experience of the VR Webtoon and fully immersing themselves into the virtual space of 2D comics. However, this is just the beginning. We hope for more speculators and audiences to visit and experience the new VR Webtoon.