Ji, Gang Min : Welcome To Convenience Store VR

This is an exquisite example of the 360 background production used in VR comics. With a strong IP-base after being aired as an animation, this work has been selected to be featured in our app because it has a basic narrative structure on top of a stable spacial background. Through using the Sketch-up 3D Modeling, it has its strong pros in creating complex backgrounds.

*Check the following link for details of Sketch-up 3D Modeling
1. SketchUp Guide : How to make 360 Degrees Image that Gives Toon Effect for Coloring with V-Ray
2. SketchUp Guide : How to make 360 Degrees Background Image and Image Synthesis Using Photoshop

Additionally, the specific feature of VR allows audiences to look around their surrounding environment,  but also by using the “Seoul Sergeant (the milk carton character)” it experiments with the size dynamics. It was a bit awkward at first because super deformation characters frequently appear in comics and games, and especially this VR comic had difficulties to set the practical view on the audiences’ eye-level. Thankfully, the technology necessary and indispensable for directing a first person POV, like fixing the layer to the camera, were discovered while working on this VR comic.


Baik, Sung Min : BwootNori

The work of the Korean comics virtuoso, Baik Sung Min. We received the artist’s original work and recreated it to fit the virtual reality space. BootNori expresses the authenticity of Korean comics with the artist’ spectacular and unique strokes. In particular, the first episode was a big boom among the younger audiences. Discovering realistic dinosaurs in the virtual space of Jurassic Park has already been attempted, but it had restrictions regarding image resolutions, expensive production costs, and heavily user-experience based contents. In the case of this artist, the Dinosaur Era has its own grand immersive scale, entertaining story and familiar cameo characters of which grabs the children’s attention. If the dinosaurs in this VR comic were all to be featured in the Jurassic Park VR, it would have cost a bunch. The vigor of dinosaurs drawn with bold brushstrokes is hard to articulate in words. Furthermore, Face to Face uses two parallel scenes that is mirrored to one another, which is a great usage of virtual space.

Choi, Hochul : Walk the Alley

This VR comics explicitly shows one of the core values of VR, which is the maintenance of space. Artist Choi, Hochul draws panoramas without the usage of technology. This VR comics contains of many individual characters that appear coincidentally on screen, which enables the audiences to see their individual stories at one glance and realize that numerous stories exist around us, and they can come together to make up a one huge story. Recommended to readers interested in political comics, and a must-read for current artists.

Zenyu : Zenyu360

For the target audiences who dreams to see 2D, life-sized cute and gorgeous girls and boys in virtual reality. For your information, VR will provide zoom in and out features in the near future. Also, many people assume that this type of cute and gorgeous illustrations target male audiences. However based on our data, statistically young females show intense interest in them, as well. It seemed like cute and pretty guys strike their fancy, for sure. It got us thinking to pace up with preparing contents on pretty boys.

Ko, Il-kwon : Jung-am-jin

This work leaps through time and era. The temporal background is set in Korea’s history, which the audiences can dive into. Artist Ko il-kwon is highly recognized among the history nerds. The weapons and battle strategies used at that historical time period is represented in the VR comic, and it is quite similar to the ones that appear in blockbuster war movies. Large scaled battle scenes are to come. In addition to the educational content, since the VR comic is available in English, we are attempting to make this a chance to spread the Korean history worldwide. Artist Ko il-kwon is expected to lively express the oriental beauty as Takehiko Inoue of Vagabond. On a side note, the large 360 degree scene is drawn with a brush and so the small images are all connected one by one by hand.

WhanJ : On the Mars

This VR comic has grabbed many audiences’ attention through its fictional setting: unreachable space. You can reach Mars in VR space.This work provides the maximum immersiveness and reality that can be possibly shown in VR. . On the Mars, boldly stating itself as a Sci-fi mystery genre, has a slight plot twist. Episode 1 ends like this: “Look over there.”Emphasizing the climax and resolution in prior to the introduction and building action is an essential plot progression technique for a Korean web comics. (To be honest, ComixV has asked the artist to cut it there :’D. For that sake we’ve heard a lot of complaints saying why’d we do such a thing. And that’s exactly what we’ve been anticipating to hear from the readers.)

The twist will come up in episode 2!

All of the works will be updated soon. The artists of the works that released their first episode is working on the next episode now. The VR comics introduced above are all available at the following link!