First of all, we would like to thank all the audiences from across cities, countries, and seas who have visited ComixV’s open exhibition held in BICOF at Bucheon, South Korea!

The exhibition has ended last week with a successful finale. This exhibition has marked another footprint to the milestone of ComixV’s journey, and it has wakened numerous possibilities that can vitalize and improve the VR comic market in the near future.

Cartoonist Pat Bagley’s first experience with VR Comics at ComixV open exhibition

One of the must-see events in BICOF was the “Artist Talk”, where both local and international cartoon artist participated and shared inspirational conversations with the audiences. The main topic of the open conversation was “comics”.


During the week of the event, ComixV had an opportunity to meet and share insights about our VR comics with Cartoonist Pat Bagley. The Editorial cartoonist for The Salt Lake Tribune, and a member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC), his political cartoons have moved and inspired many readers including the members of ComixV. He has tried out ComixV’s VR comic Walk the Alley using VR goggles and asked several questions about the 360 image production.

Cartoonist Pat Bagley’s first experience with VR Comic at ComixV


Cartoonist Pat Bagley has seen all six of ComixV’s VR comics, and gave positive feedbacks on the VR comic contents and showed interest in the direction where ComixV’s VR platform is headed towards. He added that Artist Choi, Hochul’s Walk the Alley is impressive in terms of its immersiveness. In fact, Walk the Alley has received the most feedback regarding its grand scale and vigor portrayed by the densely populated virtual space and its dreamlike features, like the floating whales and candle lights.

Check out the full artwork via ComixV’s VR comic website:

Undoubtedly Cartoonist Bagley has also sharply picked up the similarity between a political cartoon and VR comic. He has noticed that VR comic unambiguously delivers the artwork’s message through the use of an immersive, grand space with a great degree of interactivity and entertainment. He thought that was insightful and similar to a political cartoon to a certain extent because political cartoons also have to deliver direct, clear messages in a fun and forthright manner. He has also showed great interest in Artist Ko il-kwon’s Jung-am-jin due to the educational content. After reading this work, he was convinced that the VR platform could be usable as an academic resource.

Artist Ko il-kwon’s Jung-am-jin episode 1 link:

ComixV is gratified by Cartoonist Bagley’s supportive comments on our platform and VR comics. ComixV is continuously surging and planning to produce and provide more academical, immersive, and entertaining contents both domestically and globally. Check out more works and our VR platform at our website or via the smartphone. Both services are available in Korean and English.

Download the app here: ComixV VR Webtoon App Release Notice