The VR service provided at ComixV’s open exhibition at BICOF (Bucheon, South Korea) and SICAF (Seoul, South Korea) is now available at the Oculus Store!

Download Link :

Even if you have already experienced it at our open exhibition, the immersiveness provided by this VR Gear is on a totally different level than the website or mobile. Plus, we have a small update.

1) ComixV now supports the New Gear VR controller

-Now enjoy our VR comics more comfortably using the New Gear VR official controller.

NewVRGear Manual en
ComixV Gear VR Controller User Manual

2) Content Viewing Angle adjustment

-We have edited our contents partially to adjust the images that was seen too close due to the difference between the web editor and Gear VR.
* Edited contents : BwootNori episode 2, Jung-am-jin episode 1, On the Mars episode 1
* Content optimization will continuously be processed

3) Beta version

-This version needs a bit more time to be stabilized. Further optimization and significant changes will be soon applied.

Download Link :

For any enquiries, please send us an email at support@comixv.com or message us via http://facebook.com/comixv