Article (Korean):
Translated by ComixV

Bucheon International Comics Festival (BICOF) began on July 19th, celebrating its 20th anniversary. Various exhibitions took place during the festival. Among them, we have visited the VR Comic Exhibition. The members of ComixV were kindly giving out instructions at the VR Comic exhibit. We, Webtoon Insight, and the CEO of ComixV, Byoung Seok Yang, had the time for a 5 minute interview.

[Quick sight of the VR Comic Exhibit at BICOF]

Nice to meet you. Please briefly introduce yourself.

Nice to meet you. I’m Byoung Seok Yang and the CEO of ComixV. I had an opportunity in the past to come across VR technologies. It got me into thinking that they could be a new tool for artists and future creators. That inspiration was a huge kick off for me to leave my previous job and start a VR start-up.

Personally, it seems like the VR content based markets out there are more familiarized with contents like games rather than comics. Despite that case, what has pushed you to start a VR Comic company?

Compared to other contents, web comics is a perfect content for transmediation. It comes especially effective in financial circumstances. I’m not an artist, but I’ve had an extensive work experience with directing contents like web comic. That brought me into putting VR and web comics side-by-side, and furthermore I’ve found out that there yet hasn’t been any company that has approached or entered the market space with this idea. Thus, I decided to give it a try.

[Welcome to Convenience Store VR displayed at the exhibit]

Previous VR comics’ approach strategy was strongly focused on the artistry. But the works provided by ComixV contains of both the content AND the platform itself. This was absolutely mind-blowing.

Since this is a platform business, we need many artists and creators. Also, we’ve got to have a lot of readers. Yet, the size of users in the VR market is minute. But I believe the contents should already be set to go or develop as the number of VR users increase. We’re working on a service to let artists and content producers be experimental as much as possible while having access to share information with another. We strive to make VR comics a term that resembles and reminds of us.

What are the skills and strengths of ComixV?

We’re already a full house with practical experts of different fields. Practical advisors of various expertise have joined, as well. ComixV’s strength is the ability to quickly develop and provide the end product/service with members proficient in all technical aspects.

wi_user_131450121580819018_7ffaf8de-7431-47ba-8d75-01e90507d8cf.jpeg*The reporter’s VR Comic experience: “as a person with horrible eye-sight wearing glasses, it was a bit uncomfortable, and I wished the VR gear to have been lighter.”

There are still people who are skeptical of the VR market.

Sci-fi novels in the past have dealt with contexts and contents like networks, AI (artificial intelligence), and virtual reality. Most of them have been generated in real-life already. Among them, ComixV is mainly focusing on the Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is seen to be a small market that has just entered the commercial market industry. But the technology and supplies being applied to VR are already receiving huge interests and investments from many H/W and S/W companies. They’re considering the future. I believe that once the problems found from the current generation’s devices are solved, it can develop into a broader range of use in the later generation.

Please give us a short comment for your prospective users.

ComixV’s VR comic is incomparable to the previous regular comics. It’s composed of greatly immersive and realistic works. What we’ve showed you up until now was only the tip of an iceberg. We’d ask you to visit our VR comic exhibition at BICOF and see the future of VR comics. Thank you very much.


Additional information on ComixV’s VR Exhibition:
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