Original Video (Korean, 1min 32sec): http://tv.naver.com/v/1946709
Translated by ComixV

VR meets web comics! Enjoy web comics from the character’s view by entering the comics yourself!

VR technology is currently developing and being applied in various fields. Would you believe that now you can read web comics in VR? Today we’ll take a look at the VR comic platform, ComixV.

ComixV released its service last July 19th. It gives an immersive experience as if the VR user has entered the space of the comic by using utilities like Sketch-Up. Additional sound effects and background music is applied to enhance the immersiveness.

ComixV presumes that a VR utilized composition will be an uprising trend in comics instead of the previous vertical navigation (web) comics. A more diversified comic composition and production is to be anticipated by using 360 display. There aren’t much works supported in the ComixV website yet. Still you can read comics and illustration compilations in gallery format, such as ‘Welcome to Convenience Store VR’, ‘Jung-am-jin’, and ‘Zenyu360’.

More artists of diverse styles and stories are to be featured soon. In August, ComixV will be releasing the Daydream official application. ComixV’s VR content is a new step extending from the previous web comic market, and definitely a one to look forward to.