Last October at the 19th Bucheon International Animation Festival,
recording the largest number of submissions and international visitors,
ComixV’s VR comic exhibition had a grand opening.

10/24~25, ComixV’s Open Exhibition Booth

Due to the international scale of the festival,
visitors from overseas has visited our exhibition, and  thankfully
left numerous compliments despite their first VR comic experience.

스크린샷 2017-11-28 오후 5.55.44.png

Designated booth for “Walk the Alley” by Choi HoChul
<Harry Potter> Cosplayer, <Vocaloid> SeeU Cosplayer exploring VR comics

ComixV has also participated in a meet-up provided by D.CAMP, and we visited Ajou university, Kaywon University of Art and Design, and Ewha Womans University. It was a great chance to meet our audiences face-to-face. Statistically, the major percentile of web comic readers consists of young adults. Without a doubt, it was more than words to see their enthusiastic reactions to VR comics.

ComixV’s 1:1 Information Booth
Live Promotion Exhibition

It was great to see the university student’s reactions and hear their honest opinions about ComixV’s VR comics.


Check out the link below for a detailed description of our VR Comics.

Why Did ComixV Reproduce These Works in VR?