Original Article (Korean) : goo.gl/WsCP3R
Translated by ComixV

#2. VR Comic

Korean Webtoon market is growing rapidly. Hundreds of webtoons are pouring out every day. One of the many different trials of the webtoon industry is VR(Visual Realization) comic. Companies of VR comic are ComixV and Funfunny Brothers. They are producing VR webtoon in their own different ways.

ComixV utilizes 360 degrees images. The reader can feel as if they are in the cartoon. They experience ‘being in a cartoon’ like an imagination. The artist, on the other hand, can use wider screen than they had before. This way, they can express and produce the work in more various ways. Now, ComixV is accessible through their web page or their application. It is suitable to use the app if there is a VR goggle. If not, the usage of the web is suggested.

You can see our VR comics HERE *^^*