pexels-photo-730569.jpeg 1. Noising in Korean webtoon industry

 Recently hot issue is a fair echo system argument like a Artist protests to Lezhin Comics in Korean webtoon industry. Lezhin comics sued some artist today. I do not know how far this situation will get worse.

 Comixv is only new Start-up company which developing payment system for payed comic. We don’t talk about a fair echo system because our company’s level is too early.
but, It’s time for a series of recent situations to talk about what we thought.

Comixv is cartoon technology company. We think technology solution about all issue.   We thought solution is block chain technology. so we researching block chain technology Despite not enough study, We writing this posting for first talking about our company strategic direction and contents market predict. This posting have part of our blueprint for webtoon ecosystem.

2 .Problem by webtoon platform’s information centralization

  • Artist have no validation way to sale counts in Webtoon Platform.
  • a sale policy for each country is inconsistent in global webtoon platform
  • Artist is marginalized in platform growthing
  • role of reviewer and intenet curators is no exist and platform has all right for content’s selection
  • Cash flow is difficult problem for making artwork by artist. (platform’s minimum guarantee fee is only solution)
  • contents data centralization’s risk

I ncluding Comixv, all internet webtoon platform has this potential problem.  A fundamental solution of this problems is a distributed system like a block chain

3. Webtoon industry remodeling by block chain and distributed network tech

1) Securing transparency using smart contract

to register the artist and platform contract in the block chain. Automated transactions are automatically renewed when the bill content is verified and effective by contract. This method also has the advantage of low payment fees.

Smart Contract : wikipedia

2) reward system for artists and reviewer 

construct reward system like steemit. This allows authors and reviewers to share revenue on platform growth. In fact, if you dig deeper into the details, mining user’s dependency value is high, so you need a good design.

Steemit whitepaper

3) Crowdfunding for artist

Individual web comic content to do crowd funding. Common web comic crowd funding is often in the form of a reward system. but it can be funded in the form of a stock like a movie or an animation. In a similar way, MusiCoin service is trying to do this.


4) p2p web comic platform by IPFS

It is a method of moving physical content to a distributed server through block chaining technology and the Internet Distributed File System (IPFS). Korean comic national association doing project of Webtoon contents db making, the project has only comic thumbnail image and title. but this method is can not worry about contents loss even if Webtoon platform is destroyed or disappears.

4. exist risk at block chain technology

Technological considerations and risks are bigger than you might think. Especially, in the existing legacy system, it is difficult to bear the burden on the system, and it is likely to be used only for the hybrid operation or for the marketing purpose. There is a lack of developers on the market, but there is a lot of research about the technical risks and advantages and disadvantages of each block chain. You should also consider each block chain technology’s ability to function, its performance, and the size of the network to be large enough.
In particular, one of the worries these days is to treat ICO as a panacea for the purpose of securing funding.
But real important problem is whether the company has sufficient technical capacity and whether block chain is best to solution treat problem.
We also actually had a bit of interest about ICO, but we decided to concentrate on the essence and solution of the problem rather than the ICO of the coin market, which already had economies of scale.
ComixV also study for about a month and analyze the white papers.
despite startup company’s resources are scarce in many ways, we will pre-engineering the architecture for future expansion about block chain technology

5. block chain technology during evolution is chance to start-up company

Block-chain technology is certainly a new opportunity for content companies and a great way to build a new ecosystem.   However, the block chain technology is not yet complete, and it is an evolving technology. So, I think that there are more chance to do and study in the start-ups company like ours, rather than large companies with needs large system changes.
Also, many content companies are representing technology companies such as Netflix, but the content companies do not seem to have a very good understanding of technology. Therefore, I think that excessive expectations or excessive ignoreing are widespread for new technology. I’m both a content player and a my major was software engineer. I can see this market relatively calmly.  We are a content company based on web comic, but have potential to change ablility turn it into a financial company in webtoon industry by technology.

The block chain technology is also important to the bitcoin exchange market company. but “Kazuah(Go~~!, a buzzword in Korea bitcoin market) ~” is not tecnology, is religions.
I hope they take a closer look at the blcok chain technology’s opportunities and risks.
I expect that these technologies will be a key technology for reorganizing content ecosystems such as Webtoon. opportunities is real exist like risk.