Hello. ComixV is the representative, Porco. On Feb 26, 2018, we share the first VR Webtoon Training session of ComixV, which was at KOMACON. The program was scheduled to start at 4 pm, but wasn’t ready well, so started at 4:30 pm. Participants were good people(including my two children 😊). There is instructors, teachers, education business people, publishing people. First of all, it was a place where we were able to confirm our inadequacy and it was a valuable place to check the possibility.

6 pictures were uploaded, and you can check them at the following URL. https://goo.gl/8y2VrT

The first conclusion confirmed through the program was that we should clarify and improve the VR Webtoon education from “Objectives and Goals”. So, I decided to pursue the primary goal is <One-hour experience play program> <for elementary and middle school students>. We continued this program to expanding the program of after school special ability program or free school term of the school.

This one-hour program consists of three stages: Theory / Practice / Experience.

1.  Improvement of Theoretical education

This training was aimed at those who are interested in education, so the theoretical education above was somewhat longer than 20 minutes (history of webtoons, introduction of VR webtoon, description of VR webtoon, explanation of experience program).


Therefore, I have confirmed the aspect which is not suitable for elementary and junior students. So now we reduce it to 10 minutes, VR Webtoon approach and briefly explain the contents of practice.

 Theory / experience training (10 minutes) improvement plan
  – How to use VR Webtoon (comixv.com approach, impression method) (2 minutes)
  – Experience VR webtoon (5 minutes)
 – VR Webtoon principle and practice explanation – Cube map explanation (3 minutes)

2. Improvement of Production Practice Training

There was a suggestion that the training course should be supplemented.

First of all, we plan to improve the development plan easier. Also I realized the necessity of a manual for practice. We will be able to make detailed manual that can be used and distribute it in practice.

And we plan to create a guide line that can be produced by smartphone and open software. It will be taught at low cost.

Lastly, we understand about the need for tools without professional tool, and aimed at development this process in 2018.

In this program, I experienced time is getting longer, so we will try to simplify the process. If this be good, we can invite other young to learn about VR Webtoon.

Production Practice (40 minutes) Improvement Plan
 – Free tools available -> Long-term dedicated SW development
– Production practice manual
-Simplification process for lower grades.

3. Result Delivery and Experience Improvement

Because today’s process is getting longer, we have not been able to experience own work on smartphone, class time is over. I apologize for the incomplete progress.

We will create a means of ensuring absolute time-of-experience and effectively delivering scanned images to individuals; delivery of printed materials, or delivery of URLs via SMS / email.

Practice Result Cardboard and VR Webtoon Cube
VR : https://goo.gl/7jrG7k
original : https://goo.gl/CNQoXd
Delivery of results and experience (10 minutes) Improvement plan
  – Improve work delivery method (QR code, SMS / E-mail delivery)

Today’s program has seen a lot of improvements. We will continue to find improvements by adding two or three programs during the month of March prior to the paid program at the KOMACON.

If you are interested in our program, please contact support@comixv.com or the http://facebook.com/comixv channel. Thanks.

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