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SEOUL VR Startup (SVS), a subsidiary of YJM Games, announced on the 12th that it conducted ‘Global VR Start Up IR Road Show’ in Tokyo, Japan from July 7 to 10.

GVS is an accelerating program run by Korea Creative Content Agency(www.kocca.kr/) and promoted by SVS to foster AR, MRV, and content industries. In January, SVS provided ten offices in the final selection of GVS members, including office and community space, mentoring and IR coaching. And added that SVS selected a team to receive initial investment grants through the ‘GVS IR Road Show’.

In this “GVS IR Road Show,” Min-Yong Jae, CEO of YJM Games, and Moon Seung-Eun, representatives of Venture Square and Mr. Hiroo Kunimitsu attended. They delivered practical advice and encouragement on the first day of the mentoring event.

Members also announced the mid-term review of the event. Four models, including Finger Eyes, ComixV, THIRTEENTH FLOOR IML, and MassiveWheel, were highly evaluated with business models likely to advance overseas, including sports training and simulator platforms, Webtoons, virtual performances and games and received the GVS program grant.

An SVS official said, “We will do our best to build a VR market ecosystem by successfully implementing GVS.”

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