ComixV which global VR comic platform updates new VR works for US-North Korea Summit. This VR illustration of South Korea illustrator Hotduck is about our hope. You can get into this historic scene for VR without any VR device.


* 360 image:
* If you wanna full VR screen, you have to find ComixV app for your Oculus or DayDream app market. Also you can see on mobile.

After few hours this surprise scene will be opened to public by TV program, internet news, and any ways. But only this you can experience sense of realism.

We are small startup company in Korea. But our people who having love for comic and art, glad to reveal this meaningful VR art works.

ComixV services VR comic or art work, but our platform optimize 2D image for 360 degdree and multimedia content strictly speaking. Although there is no high quality VR tech skill, so you can show with original 2D drawing skill, called three-dimensional picture possible to apeal nice view and feelings. Unlimited imagination and analog sensiblilty for 2D art is an addition.

ComixV that connects fan with comic artist on VR platform make, produce works of a variety and aim for anyone can draw, any people can show. We are a first global platform service in the world. Thanks.