Ajou University Software Department presented a research paper on the automatic coloring technique of web comic at Korea Information Science Society (KCC) held in Jeju. It is a research paper to improve the work such as coloring using artificial intelligence.

This study was supported by ComixV, which serves VR web comic(=webtoon) platform. In addition, it was recorded as the first case of research presentation using the commercialized data in cooperation with Baeksu Kwak of web comic <Gauss Electronics>’s artist.



In the meantime, it has been difficult to carry out the artificial intelligence research with the existing commercialized data. In particular, the data on the creative field was not easy to use because of copyright problems.

However, this study was able to utilize commercialization data as ComixV made a ‘data contract’ with Baeksu Kwak, and Ajou University re – purchased data.
The contract specifies the scope of use, resale, and rights to the results, the obligation of consultation. So establishes an industrial research system in the creative field that protects copyright.

“Artificial intelligence technology in the web comic field is not a novel technology that users see, but it can be a basis for creating better creativity by innovating the work environment of a webtoon artist,” said Byoungseok Yang, CEO of Comix V. “I have pursued this joint research to overcome the limitations, and I want to make meaningful results in the long term. ”

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