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This Webtoon(Web comic) looks 360-degree in 3D. If you move the screen with your finger or mouse-wheel, you can see ‘everywhere’. When I’m using with VR device, realism is amplified. It is more fresh because it is not a video. There are even image cuts with sound effects.

This is the summary of the experience of ‘ComixV’, which is attracting attention as the hallmark of the comic platform industry. The method of uploading the web comic of many artists with contracts is the same as other webtoon platforms, but the contents are thoroughly adjusted to VR. Of course, the artist’s efforts are accompanied.

Last July, Yang Byeong-Seok who introduced this service, is a well-known figure among Korean web comic artst. He worked as a webtoon producer for a large Internet company, and he showed his accumulated know-how at Soft Policy Institute to ComixV.


In fact, I was interested in popularizing VR. Therefore I used the scenario that VR could be launched by using the popular web cartoon. There were many Webtoon platforms with poor performance, so I thought I needed a new technology. Thanks to the support of many people, I received an angel investment. After that, I challenged the market.
– Byeong-seok Yang, CEO of Comixv

I was curious about the response of the artists. The 3D pictures are not familiar to those who work only in the 2D. It takes more time to draw a 360 degree scene with simple calculation. It is sort of a splicing operation. In addition, sound insertion is seems to be necessary on this VR comic format. He called that this question is FAQ. He answered calmly.

An one episode of VR comic has 30~40 image scene. It’s half amount of the general web comic. We were able to reduce the image scene because of the stay time of our readers. Of course, the one scene is be ‘linked multiple cut image’ due to the feature of 360 degree image, but the most opinions are that the workload be fillable. Sounds are easy to make with MP3 to our guidelines.”

He said that the artists’ reactions are usually do “fresh” and “I want to try”. Already some of the artists or famous comic writer came in contact with him to try to do it. His intention be to form a bond of sympathy a ‘new hopes’ in the comic market and has created some consensus.


Recently, 18 works have been serialized, and there is about 20,000 readers per month. The strength to support most VR devices, including Oculus, has been strong. It is a point that English language service started and Japanese server’s also starting this year. Especially, in India, thousands of people access the English version every month. It is being served through a website created through cafe 24.

From the start, I aimed at the global market. Because it is a reasonable plan. The advanced countries, the greater the demand for VR content. The increase in the number of readers in India is more than my expected. So I feel proud that I have conveyed the competitiveness of Korean webtoon. I am also interested in recruiting foreign artists.

Comixv’ future goals are already set for a global stage. It also includes a bold plan to move Japanese comics to VR comic. On the one hand, ComixV plan to make a VR video education market that automatically riffling screen with dubbing.