Hi! Today I’d like to introduce you to a platform which is easier and more realistic than those of previous video conferencing tools or VR video conferencing programs.



Here is it. CLASSV!



CLASSV is a virtual reality education platform.



Wherever and whenever, you can now learn easily in a classroom. Instructors can use previous tools like PowerPoint or even use the board. And students can enjoy an immersive and lively class with more concentration. In CLASSV you can actually have breaks, chatting with you friends. These are all possible in VR at CLASSV, the most simple and easiest classroom platform.



CLASSV is easily accessible whether you are an instructor or a participant. Instructors can manage their class and use contents without any further editing. CLASSV provides a program tool to help relieve stress of preparing online classes. Students can participate in class by CLASSV mobile app and HMD and engage in class activities. Interactive debating and questioning are both achievable.




Here are features: CLASSV provides an engaging immersive learning environment through identical classroom space and atmosphere. We provide the same communication environment and sound as if you are in a real classroom.

So, you would be able to talk with multiple participants without pauses, and experience authentic communication with high quality 3-D audio.

Also, CLASSV delivers fast, stable and secure server that protects your personal information and data loss; and blocks harmful materials and interruptions.

Furthermore, CLASSV aids the instructor to prepare for multiple classes and classroom management just like a real class.



We ready to another updates! Keep in your eyes and see you in VR at CLASSV!





CONTACT: https://www.facebook.com/classv.school